Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Melons! :-)

It's hot. Really hot. Too hot to be outside, too hot to do anything really. What a better way to cool down than some watermelon?! And guess what! Watermelon is great for a diet! Actually, ALL melons are! They are a great snack that have low calories, are really healthy and help shed off those unwanted pounds. :-) So while you're keeping cool, you're losing weight. :-) WIN! :-)

Melons taste great, and are great for you. Kids love melons too if you do them in really cool designs. Get some cookie cutters, and cut out some cool shapes. It's a great brain exercise for young kids still learning shapes. Cut them into simple shapes and ask them what the shapes are then let them eat it! :-) Keeps them hydrated and teaches them about shapes. :-) You could even have them eat it into a new shape. :-) The power of food! :-) If you haven't noticed, I am a food junkie! I LOVE food. Except fish. Bleh.

If you ate nothing but melons for a full day, you could lose up to three pounds. :-) Try putting some melons on your dinner plate every night. Think of how hydrated you'll be with all the water you're already drinking, and adding melons every night! :-) Beautiful skin is just around the corner with all that healthy liquid going into your body. :-) Yup, beautiful skin as well as weight loss. The more hydrated you are, the clearer your skin is, and it just looks so much smoother. :-) I know my face has cleared up just in the past week due to all the water I've been drinking. About a gallon a day. :-) Half of the water I drink is just water. The other half is my apple cinnamon water. :-)

I know drinking water can be hard due to all those sodas and pure sugar juices. I've found it's easiest for me if I drink Voss water. It comes in a glass bottle and I just refill that with my apple cinnamon water. Voss water tastes pretty good compared to some of the other water out there. I can't stand tap water. So I have to have bottled. Crystal Geyser is pretty good too. :-) That's what I use for my apple cinnamon water. :-)

If you have a son like mine, they don't like helping you with your diet. He likes to shove candy in my face. My favorite kind as a matter of fact. Reese's. Mmmm...It's so hard to say no. But I have to. I gotta beat my husband. I think that my husband has something to do with this so he will win. He wasn't expecting me to be so strong! :-) That's right, I'm winning.

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Have a great day! :-) Be strong! Ignore the cravings for those sweets! Drink lots of water, and enjoy all the melons you want! :-)

I was not paid for using the Voss name or Crystal Geyser name. They are just my personal preference.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Sweets?!

I am officially a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles as of tonight. :-) It is truly an honor to become a sister of the Eagles. Everything that they stand for is spot on for what I stand for. God, helping other, being loyal, honest, caring, putting everyone before yourself, and of course FAMILY! :-)

Losing weight means giving up those fantastic sweets...Unless they are gluten free! :-) Gluten free snacks are okay. They are much better than original snacks. So why give up those fantastic cookies just because you're on a diet? You don't have to now that more and more goodies are becoming gluten free. :-)

There are several cookies that are gluten free. :-) Breads, pasta, Domino's Pizza, even Subway (I hate Subway though.). So you can still have those yummy chocolate chip cookies, breads, pastas, even pizza. Mmmm...Pizza. :-) 

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Have a great night! And don't give up on shedding those pounds! :-) I know you can do it! :-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cinnamon, anyone?

Well, losing weight means that you have to lose the delicious flavors of many meals, right? Wrong. Instead of going out, or ordering food, just go to the grocery store and buy what you're in the mood for. It is so much cheaper, and healthier. Cooking at home, you don't have even a quarter as much fat as when you go out or order food. So, it's a great way to lose weight and sit at the table with your family. :-) And family is the most important thing out there. Eating at the table together every night has proven to bring a family closer. Or even just once a week. :-) It is important to spend time with your family with no interruptions from work or anything electronic.

Incorporating cinnamon into your meals will help you lose weight. Cinnamon has been shown to help with weight loss. Also, if you are superstitious, it will make you rich. :-) At least, that is what my grandma always told me. So, I figure it's worth a try, right? Who doesn't want to lose weight AND be rich?! I know I do! :-)

Cinnamon seems like a weird ingredient to add to your meals though. However, adding cinnamon sticks to many meals really brings out the other flavors. In my chili I add two sticks of cinnamon, you get a hint of cinnamon, but it really brings out the other spices in the chili. Try adding some cinnamon to your rub for steak, or ribs.

A great way to get some cinnamon into your diet is to drink apple cinnamon water. :-) It is really good, and all the ingredients are in the title. :-) First, get a pitcher of cold water, cut up an apple or two, drop three sticks of cinnamon in the water, then the apple slices, and add ice. Let it sit for about ten minutes in the fridge, and enjoy! :-) The longer it sits the more nutrients that come out of the apples and cinnamon. :-)

While you are outside doing your yard work, make sure to have a glass of the apple cinnamon water close by! :-) Or even while you're at the gym, working out in your living room, running around the block, going to work, where ever you are, put the water in bottles and take one with you where ever you're going. :-) Stay hydrated! It'll help shed those unwanted pounds. :-)

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Have a great week! :-)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yard Work.

So our yard is covered with weeds. It drives us nuts. So last night we decided to start pulling some of those terrible things. We went to Lowes, purchased some fertilizer, Bermuda grass seed, and black mulch. :-) We continued our yard work today, and man does it look great! :-) Tomorrow we should be finishing it up. :-)

Now, I know most of us don't have time to do yard work, ever. Or we just don't want to do it. I sure didn't want to do it. However, yard work is a GREAT way to burn some calories AND fix up your yard. Wake up five minutes earlier, do a little bit of yard work, shower, and go about your day. :-)

The best way to burn a bunch of calories, do it for an hour or so, work up a sweat, and drink plenty of ice cold water! :-) Ice water really boosts your metabolism! :-) The more boost that your metabolism gets, the more weight you lose! :-)

If I lose more weight than my fabulous husband by September 1st, I get to go get a massage. :-) If I beat him and get down to 135, I get the massage and 120 dollars worth of clothes. :-) Now, if he beats me, he gets a bar night of 100 dollars. If he beats me and gets down to 175, he gets his bar night and 120 dollars worth of clothing. :-) Sounds like a great reward, right? RIGHT! :-) I am so going to beat him and get down to 135 by the 1st. :-) Let me know what your goal is, and what your reward is! :-) Even if you are doing it solo, give yourself a reward at the end. It's how you keep yourself motivated to lose the weight, and keep it off. :-)

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I hope you have a great weekend, get to your weight goal and improve your yard! :-) Let me know how it all goes! :-)

Please make sure to check with your doctor before starting ANY weight loss program or taking ANY advice on losing weight. I am not a doctor. I am simply giving advice. You do NOT have to take it, you do NOT have to do it, and I cannot be held responsible for anything that may go wrong if you decide to take this advice. :-)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weight Loss?

So, it's been awhile. A long while. My precious little McKinzee keeps me pretty busy. Three months old now. Man, how time has flown! My little angel is growing so fast. She has definitely chunked up since we brought her home. :-) Now, breastfeeding does help with losing some weight. But, it's just not fast enough for me. I'm ready to lose my baby belly. I've Googled and Pintrested the MANY different HEALTHY ways to lose weight. And my fabulous husband has promised to do it with me! :-) Yes, he is that awesome. So, I figure the best way to keep myself motivated and looking for new ways to lose this baby weight, I'll post a new way every day, or a low-calorie meal. :-) Yes, I am going to do this. And the first way to help shed off these terrible pounds...NO SODA! Yup. Best way to get healthy and lose the weight in a healthy way. :-)
Want to lose the weight with us? Just follow along. :-) Want your partner to lose the weight too? Make it a challenge for the two of you. :-) Who ever loses the most in a month gets something that they've been wanting. :-) I'm planning on getting a nice massage, and three new outfits(but only if I get back to 135). :-) My husband hasn't decided yet. I'll make sure to let you all know when he does decide. :-)

So, to begin, no more soda.

Make some tea, put it in glass jars in the fridge, and grab that for a drink instead of a soda. We also keep water bottles in our fridge. Water is a great way to boost your metabolism! :-) Yes, that is the tip for yesterday. WATER. However, purified water is not good for you. Spring water is.
First thing in the morning drink at least one cup of cold water. It will boost your metabolism and make you feel great. Also, drink at least one cup half an hour before eating. :-) Cold water is best for losing weight. :-)

Let me know if you decide to follow along and take the challenge! :-) I would love to hear your weight loss goals and any tips you have! :-)

Have a great night! And good luck!

PSST...We started the no more soda on the first. :-)

Please consult your doctor before beginning ANY weight loss plans. I am not a doctor, and I do not guarantee results, and can not be held responsible for anything. This is simply advice. You do NOT have to take it, you do NOT have to do it, and it may NOT work for you. This is just what my husband and myself are doing.