Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Melons! :-)

It's hot. Really hot. Too hot to be outside, too hot to do anything really. What a better way to cool down than some watermelon?! And guess what! Watermelon is great for a diet! Actually, ALL melons are! They are a great snack that have low calories, are really healthy and help shed off those unwanted pounds. :-) So while you're keeping cool, you're losing weight. :-) WIN! :-)

Melons taste great, and are great for you. Kids love melons too if you do them in really cool designs. Get some cookie cutters, and cut out some cool shapes. It's a great brain exercise for young kids still learning shapes. Cut them into simple shapes and ask them what the shapes are then let them eat it! :-) Keeps them hydrated and teaches them about shapes. :-) You could even have them eat it into a new shape. :-) The power of food! :-) If you haven't noticed, I am a food junkie! I LOVE food. Except fish. Bleh.

If you ate nothing but melons for a full day, you could lose up to three pounds. :-) Try putting some melons on your dinner plate every night. Think of how hydrated you'll be with all the water you're already drinking, and adding melons every night! :-) Beautiful skin is just around the corner with all that healthy liquid going into your body. :-) Yup, beautiful skin as well as weight loss. The more hydrated you are, the clearer your skin is, and it just looks so much smoother. :-) I know my face has cleared up just in the past week due to all the water I've been drinking. About a gallon a day. :-) Half of the water I drink is just water. The other half is my apple cinnamon water. :-)

I know drinking water can be hard due to all those sodas and pure sugar juices. I've found it's easiest for me if I drink Voss water. It comes in a glass bottle and I just refill that with my apple cinnamon water. Voss water tastes pretty good compared to some of the other water out there. I can't stand tap water. So I have to have bottled. Crystal Geyser is pretty good too. :-) That's what I use for my apple cinnamon water. :-)

If you have a son like mine, they don't like helping you with your diet. He likes to shove candy in my face. My favorite kind as a matter of fact. Reese's. Mmmm...It's so hard to say no. But I have to. I gotta beat my husband. I think that my husband has something to do with this so he will win. He wasn't expecting me to be so strong! :-) That's right, I'm winning.

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Have a great day! :-) Be strong! Ignore the cravings for those sweets! Drink lots of water, and enjoy all the melons you want! :-)

I was not paid for using the Voss name or Crystal Geyser name. They are just my personal preference.

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