Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Money?!

After having my beautiful baby girl, and realizing just HOW many diapers and wipes she goes through, I realized that I needed a way to pay for it. Not that we can't do it without extra income, but, I would love extra income, even if it means me sitting on the computer for an extra hour a day. No big deal. So, I've been looking around online for way to earn money on the internet. One site I found is called Inbox Dollars. It seems pretty easy too! Hey, free and easy? You can count me in! :-) And it is easy, and you can do it all for free, or you can do offers and earn money faster by buying things that you want to buy anyways. Good deal, right? Right. I personally don't care to do the offers. I just check it once a week and do my emails and go about my day. It is easy. And it doesn't take more than twenty minutes out of my day! :-) So, I decided that I needed to share this little bit of extra income with my viewers. :-)


No, it will not give you a virus.
No, it does not ask for a credit card.

Yes, it CAN be free if you chose for it to be.
Yes, it IS EASY!

Ways for it to be FREE:
Confirm the emails.
Do surveys.
SOME offers are free.

Please realize that some offers are not free. I do not do the ones that are not completely free. I just don't care to spend my money trying to earn money when I can get free money.
When checking the emails, it shows you an offer, scroll down to where it says "CONFIRM THIS PAID EMAIL" Click that and close the tab or window that pops up. Free money. :-)
It really is that easy. Twenty minutes once a week. :-) Please keep in mind that this will not make you rich. Thank you! :-)

Click here to start earning that free money. :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update on posts, and an EASY and CHEAP foot soak! :)

Oh my goodness. Life has been hectic. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on April 22nd, also known as Earth Day. :) Yay. An Earth baby! :) And we are in the process of moving. So, I apologize for not posting anything new and exciting. However, I will get back to posting, and posting regularly after the move! :) As for now, enjoy a nice foot soak. :)

3 parts Epsom Salt
1 Part Coarse Salt
a few drops essential oil (Optional)
Food Coloring (Optional)

Stir together, pour in warm water, allow Epsom Salt to dissolve, soak feet for as long as you would like! :) If you're doing this right before bed, I would use Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is fabulous for helping get to sleep and staying asleep. :) Tea Tree Essential Oil is awesome for helping with congestion. If you're soaking your feet right before bed and you're a little congested, put a few drops of Lavender and a few of Tea Tree. :)

Have a relaxing day! :)