Monday, August 5, 2013

Cinnamon, anyone?

Well, losing weight means that you have to lose the delicious flavors of many meals, right? Wrong. Instead of going out, or ordering food, just go to the grocery store and buy what you're in the mood for. It is so much cheaper, and healthier. Cooking at home, you don't have even a quarter as much fat as when you go out or order food. So, it's a great way to lose weight and sit at the table with your family. :-) And family is the most important thing out there. Eating at the table together every night has proven to bring a family closer. Or even just once a week. :-) It is important to spend time with your family with no interruptions from work or anything electronic.

Incorporating cinnamon into your meals will help you lose weight. Cinnamon has been shown to help with weight loss. Also, if you are superstitious, it will make you rich. :-) At least, that is what my grandma always told me. So, I figure it's worth a try, right? Who doesn't want to lose weight AND be rich?! I know I do! :-)

Cinnamon seems like a weird ingredient to add to your meals though. However, adding cinnamon sticks to many meals really brings out the other flavors. In my chili I add two sticks of cinnamon, you get a hint of cinnamon, but it really brings out the other spices in the chili. Try adding some cinnamon to your rub for steak, or ribs.

A great way to get some cinnamon into your diet is to drink apple cinnamon water. :-) It is really good, and all the ingredients are in the title. :-) First, get a pitcher of cold water, cut up an apple or two, drop three sticks of cinnamon in the water, then the apple slices, and add ice. Let it sit for about ten minutes in the fridge, and enjoy! :-) The longer it sits the more nutrients that come out of the apples and cinnamon. :-)

While you are outside doing your yard work, make sure to have a glass of the apple cinnamon water close by! :-) Or even while you're at the gym, working out in your living room, running around the block, going to work, where ever you are, put the water in bottles and take one with you where ever you're going. :-) Stay hydrated! It'll help shed those unwanted pounds. :-)

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Have a great week! :-)

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