Friday, August 2, 2013

Weight Loss?

So, it's been awhile. A long while. My precious little McKinzee keeps me pretty busy. Three months old now. Man, how time has flown! My little angel is growing so fast. She has definitely chunked up since we brought her home. :-) Now, breastfeeding does help with losing some weight. But, it's just not fast enough for me. I'm ready to lose my baby belly. I've Googled and Pintrested the MANY different HEALTHY ways to lose weight. And my fabulous husband has promised to do it with me! :-) Yes, he is that awesome. So, I figure the best way to keep myself motivated and looking for new ways to lose this baby weight, I'll post a new way every day, or a low-calorie meal. :-) Yes, I am going to do this. And the first way to help shed off these terrible pounds...NO SODA! Yup. Best way to get healthy and lose the weight in a healthy way. :-)
Want to lose the weight with us? Just follow along. :-) Want your partner to lose the weight too? Make it a challenge for the two of you. :-) Who ever loses the most in a month gets something that they've been wanting. :-) I'm planning on getting a nice massage, and three new outfits(but only if I get back to 135). :-) My husband hasn't decided yet. I'll make sure to let you all know when he does decide. :-)

So, to begin, no more soda.

Make some tea, put it in glass jars in the fridge, and grab that for a drink instead of a soda. We also keep water bottles in our fridge. Water is a great way to boost your metabolism! :-) Yes, that is the tip for yesterday. WATER. However, purified water is not good for you. Spring water is.
First thing in the morning drink at least one cup of cold water. It will boost your metabolism and make you feel great. Also, drink at least one cup half an hour before eating. :-) Cold water is best for losing weight. :-)

Let me know if you decide to follow along and take the challenge! :-) I would love to hear your weight loss goals and any tips you have! :-)

Have a great night! And good luck!

PSST...We started the no more soda on the first. :-)

Please consult your doctor before beginning ANY weight loss plans. I am not a doctor, and I do not guarantee results, and can not be held responsible for anything. This is simply advice. You do NOT have to take it, you do NOT have to do it, and it may NOT work for you. This is just what my husband and myself are doing.

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