Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Smelly Towels?!

Ever wonder why your towels quit drying you off so well? Or why no matter how many times you wash them they still tend to have a slight scent to them other than the detergent and softener? Well, that is because over time towels soak up a lot of detergent and fabric softener; And with the material full of detergent and softener, how is it going to soak up water when you use it? Well, it's not. I never really noticed that my towels weren't soaking up the water like they were suppose to until I tried this. My husband even noticed the difference.

Fill your washing machine with one load of towels.
Pour 1 cup of white vinegar either directly onto the towels or in the detergent spot. DO NOT USE DETERGENT OR FABRIC SOFTENER.
Turn the temperature up as high as it will go.
Leave towels in the washer.
Pour 1/2 cup of Baking Soda onto the towels. DO NOT USE DETERGENT OR FABRIC SOFTENER.
Again, turn the temperature up as high as it will go.
Dry towels normally.

Your towels will not smell like vinegar. Actually, they won't have a smell at all unless you use a dryer sheet in the dryer.
I would suggest doing this every other month, or as often as you prefer. I do mine whenever they start to get a strong detergent or other smell to them, which is normally only every other month.

Have a fresh day! :)

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