Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vanilla Orange Body Scrub. :)

It has been awhile since I've posted anything. Everything got super busy for us. Tests, baby stuff, Easter, and of course, my nesting. :) Baby McKinzee will be here soon! :) We cannot wait.

I decided to share with everyone a great way to moisturize your skin using things from the kitchen. :) Yes, the kitchen. And, it smells like it's from a name brand company. It also feels like it when you use it. :) It's so simple, and takes not even two minutes to make. It's a body scrub. And oh how great it works!

Vanilla Orange Body Scrub

3 parts Brown Sugar
1 part Granulated Sugar
1 part Olive Oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
A few drops Orange Essential Oil (Optional, you could also use any kind of warming oil or essential oil)

You want to use more brown sugar than granulated sugar. It just feels so much better. I did this one in parts because there really is no right or wrong way to make this.

Mix all ingredients together.
You can make it as wet or dry as you would like. If you like your body scrubs more wet, add more olive oil. If you like it more dry, add less olive oil.
You do not have to use any essential oils. It smells great without them. However, I like the smell of the vanilla and orange mixed. :) Also, I went to walmart in search of essential oils (There were none), and found warming oils. They work just as well as essential oils. :) If you have sensitive skin, I don't suggest using warming oils in place of essential oils, or even using essential oils.

This body scrub works wonders for moisturizing my skin! :) Try it out! Let me know how it works for you! And what smells you used and if you changed anything! I love trying new things. :)

Have a smooth night. :)

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